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Introducing Tamil Dancehall|Sasi The Don

Malaysian Reggae star Sasi The Don, aims to link Jamaica and Malaysia musically, in order to expose Malaysia to more Jamaican popular music.

His new single, Anbe (My Love), is a reggae remake of a song he made twenty years ago. This latest version features Malaysian singers Derenha Nalinie and Sharen Claire and Malaysian rapper Yuhnohoo.

According to Sasi, 'Most people in Jamaica are not aware that reggae and dancehall music is popular in Malaysia and other parts South-East Asia. Shaggy and Sean Paul are two of the most popular Jamaican artists on the continent.'

Sasi The Don has worked on projects with Jamaican artists and musicians, including Maxi Priest and Othniel' Taddy P' Campbell and hope to continue to collaborate with Jamaican talents in the future.

See video below

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